N O M I N E E S 2008

Our award is created only in 2009 but we want to present you also designs of 2005-2008 that very suitable for "virtual" OOPS DESIGN AWARD 2008 nominations.Better late than never !!! 

Potentially ugliest  product design  2008     

Evolution and Loves chair designed by Nacho Carbonell.

Comment: Oh,My God - say my wife - I never stay in the room together with such.....


Chair ONE ,designed by Charlotte Kingsnorth,manufacturer:VITRA.

Comment: It is a chair designed and created by Hannibal Lecter ?

No,it is FIRST !!! "serious" work by student of Buckinghamshire New University !

Table from Robber Baron Collection ,designed and manufactured by Studio Job.

Comment: Golden pollutions is a dream of  russian oligarch.

Hey chair and Wind ,designed by Maarten Baas.

Comment: OOPS.....

Flock lamp,designed by Julia Lohmann.


XXL chair,designed by Janneke Hooymans&Frank Tjepkema

Potentially silliest product design 2008

Surrealism chair,designed by David Pompa.

Comment: Another gift for russian oligarch or russian oligarch on the skies.

Her chair,designed by Fabio Novembre,manufacturer:CASAMANIA.

Comment:Hope it is  not Verner Panton buttocks ?

Horselamp,designed by FRONT,manufacturer:MOOOI.

Comment: There are no words,only a neight.


Lamp-dog,designed by Fiona Jean Thomson.

Comment:Another lamp =  animal head.It is a fashionable trend I guess ?

Gun table lamp,designed by Philippe Starck,manufacturer:FLOS.

Comment: Kalashnikov + Starck  = nonsense which can kill you.

Nature V 2.01 chair,designed by Draw Me A Shieep designers.

Comment:Even ECO/Green design must have own ugly creatures because Nature will not create such products.


 Rocking platform chair,designed by                              Constantinos Economides.     

Comment:Professional design from kindergarten ?  

Birdhouse,designed by Michail Sholk.

Comment:By opinion of russian designer this birdhouse also serve as box for wine bottle .   It is new russian tradition to hold bottles in birdhouses?

Office Pets ,designed by Hella Jongerius,manufacturer:VITRA.

Comment: Mix of office workers and insects ?

Stick chair,designed by Emmanuelle Moureaux.

Comment:One of the most dangerous chairs in the world.If you will not fall to a floor that you can thrust a stick in an eye.

 Perspective chair,designed by  Farrell Williams,


 Comment : chair designed by famous musical producer as a symbol   of erotic and stupidity.But what you wait from musical producer?

Thanks for attention!